An online meeting with talented, active and initiative youth

On September 18, 2020, R.K. Choriev, Vice Rector for Youth Affairs of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers lead an online meeting with talented, active and initiative youth. A.Berdimurodov, the leader of the Youth Union of the Institute briefly told about the reasons for the development of "1000 most active students" group.

R. Choriev noted- "The key priority of all positive transformations in the country has become our concern for the upbringing of a harmoniously developed younger generation - physically healthy and spiritually mature, who are intellectually rich and possess omnifarious knowledge and professions in demand, as well as who think independently, creatively.

In his statement, R. Choriev described in detail the achievements of the institute in the field of youth, the main tasks for the future. Activists also made several suggestions. The vice-rector and leader of the Youth Union expressed their views on every question and initiative by students.

During the event, students has found about the achievements of our youth, who use their free time effectively, despite all classes are conducted through online platforms. Our students has achieved great results, read useful books on self-development and personal growth, studied IT programs during the pandemic. We wish everyone to achieve great results in their future endeavors. Dear youth, do not stop working on yourself!

Press service of TIIAME.